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Sake, and Wine Experiments

I hope I did the LJ-cut thing right...

The Katadyne Combi, a survivalist water-filter. 

The thing filters 30,000 gallons without a filter replacement (you just clean the one it comes with), and offers both Carbon and Ceramic filtration - and you can use only ceramic filtration as a choice (just remove the carbon).  The carbon is put in by the user and is entirely optional. 

Anyway, I've taken some pictures from the last quart: Mead that was at the bottom of the keg (first draw) and such - this is a blend of meads, and thus the first quart out of the keg.  The recipe features just a few pounds of fruit, and is actually fairly dry.  The fruit is:  cranberry, pomegranate, black raspberry, and is only enough to make it pink.  I feel like a little of each gives more complexity. 


In the center, you can see the dregs, the worst of the worst I considered not worth filtering.  On either side is the filtered mead, fresh and clear and cold.  No haze.
Hands down to me, it is best to not use carbon in the filter - the ceramic is pretty dramatic anyway.  Obviously this is wine that was going to be otherwise discarded, but it became truly drinkable - alone and mixed with Champagne!  Yum.

Two batches of sake: the first two pictures are of the more mature stage, and the picture at the far right is the 'moto' or starter. 
The left sake, is just before the final addition of rice, koji, and water, or just before Tomezoe (留添) for those following along... B)
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