~Aja~ (aja) wrote in wine_making,

A first timer...

Hey All.... :-)

So, I'm attempting my first batch of homemade wine. My stepdad has been experimenting with making wine for a year or so now (he's got a pretty good handle on some awesome Dandilion wine...) and the hobby really intrigues me..... so here I am. :-D

My question is this.... My first batch will be a rhubarb wine (as it's cheap and readily available, right now). I've found a lot of conflicting information online and the book I'm working from doesn't specifically have  rhubarb recipe.... thus I am left with a few questions...
Does anyone have a tried-and-true recipe for a rhubarb wine (that doesn't involve concentrates and chemicals, as much as possible)? Also, if anyone's made it, does the addition of strawberries add much? Other additives I should consider?

Any general tips and tricks for my first batch would be much appreciated, as well. :-D

Nice to meet you all!
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