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A first timer...

Hey All.... :-)

So, I'm attempting my first batch of homemade wine. My stepdad has been experimenting with making wine for a year or so now (he's got a pretty good handle on some awesome Dandilion wine...) and the hobby really intrigues me..... so here I am. :-D

My question is this.... My first batch will be a rhubarb wine (as it's cheap and readily available, right now). I've found a lot of conflicting information online and the book I'm working from doesn't specifically have  rhubarb recipe.... thus I am left with a few questions...
Does anyone have a tried-and-true recipe for a rhubarb wine (that doesn't involve concentrates and chemicals, as much as possible)? Also, if anyone's made it, does the addition of strawberries add much? Other additives I should consider?

Any general tips and tricks for my first batch would be much appreciated, as well. :-D

Nice to meet you all!
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Wow. I have no tips on rhubarb wine. I'm just commenting to salute you on such an ambitious first project and to welcome you to the community!
haha... thanks... I often have that problem - taking on ambitious first-attempts at things.... but I've found they're either total epic fail (in which case I learn a lot)... or they work out and Hey! woohoo! :-D
My rhubarb wine turned out a beautiful rose color and semidry.

Basically, I boiled up the stalks (cut into 1-inch segments) and added ordinary table sugar while hot. I left the lid on the pot until it was lukewarm, then pitched the yeast and transferred the whole thing to a wide-mouthed primary. (Pouring with lots of splashing aerates it.) Cover and ferment for a week, then rack it to a secondary and fit an airlock.

Let it run until it ferments out and bottle. I don't generally use campden tablets or anything else you can't find in a standard kitchen :), and most of the time it works just fine.
I have rhubarb out the wazoo and was thinking about a batch. Think I'll try your 'recipe'!
That was pretty much the working plan that I had (judging from some recipes I came across, etc.), and I'm glad to hear that it is one with a chance of success! haha... I'm crossing my fingers!
CJJ Berry's tried and tried and tried and tested to destruction recipe - get yourself a copy of "first steps in wine making" - rhubarb makes a beautiful Hock style wine and I tend to use it for blending as most of the time the is little flavour - adding strawberries as you suggest is a grand idea - marveen above does it the same way as I do - only codicil - is make sure everything is sterilised properly - other than that have fun and enjoy yourself.

3lbs rhubarb, 3 lbs sugar to 1 gallon water - you CAN make a sparkling wine with the rhubarb. But be careful - lol - one worry is it can jellify - ohhh only use the stalks - not the leaves.
We've had a lot of luck with Jack Keller's wine page.