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Sake! Super Quick and Delicious!

A cheap and easy home brew with delicious results.

1 gallon water
2 quarts cooked rice
2-3 pounds white sugar
campaign yeast

Three days aerobic fermentation, then cap for the remainder of two weeks with air lock. Can be served right from the fermenter as the rice does a fine job of trapping the yeast.

Possible experiments: Amylase to digest the rice, would allow for a reduction in sugar used. Use the final product to make a cold brewed green tea or possibly an oolong. Few dashes of plum juice when served might be nice. It's so easy to make and really a fine drink when young, I have not tried storing it. Could add rice milk for an opaque product, maybe strain out the fermenter after a week of anaerobic, add the rice milk and let finish. Coconut water might be rather nice. Brown, purple, wild, red, basmati, Jasmin, forbidden, tiny sweet rice, there's all sorts of options for your grain, you could even add rice crispies for a toasty flavor.

Best part is, you can make 5 gallons of this stuff for $7-8! With such a quick turn around time, it's perfect for parties, or holiday gifts.
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March 26 2009, 21:17:04 UTC 8 years ago

Awesome thanks for sharing. Beats my ghetto wine of grape juice, sugar and yeast at ~$30/5gal.
no doubt. I think it's because there's no fruit, no esters to be aged away. The stuff isn't perfect out of the barrel, but damn close to it. Kind of thing you could take up as a daily beverage.
What type of rice did you use?
Hey, I'm using this recipe for my spare fermenter. Is this a 1-gallon recipe or 5-gallon? Sorry if I'm being dense. I'm just wondering if I have to scale up.