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Failed Mead Uses?

For folks who have had a batch of mead come out completely undrinkable [even after aging for a few years], what kinds of uses would one have for fairly high alcohol content but horrible tasting liquid?

[Backstory quickly: In my earlier mead making days I used to add a container of apple juice to the wort, to give the yeast some easier sugar to eat than the more complex honey. One batch I wasn't paying close attention and bought the 'on sale' apple juice which was not organic or even 100% juice, and something in it really made the mead taste horrible (this was a recipe I'd used quite well in two other batches before, and the only difference was the kind of apple juice, hence my certainty). I cannot even describe the taste, but it's not just off, it's truly undrinkable.]

Anyway, it's been 2.5 years of aging now [and various restarting and respicing and rehoneying and re-everythinging in efforts to make it drinkable] and I've finally admitted defeat.

But I wonder if there are any things it can be useful for? I know folks clean with vinegar and baking soda, and wonder if this would work as well? It is not actually vinegar at all, but...yeah. Just would hate to see it all be thrown out, and trying to figure out ways to use it. Part of me considers using it mixed with the high proof grain alcohol we use in our vapor locks, but I'm a bit paranoid about having it in contact even with just the outside of our good meads, in case it could psychically teach them bad tricks or something--yes, I know it makes no sense and is silly, but nonetheless...
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cleaning battery acid?
If you have people that tend to always ask for more of your mead with out ever offering to reciprocate with their good stuff... (Read as mooch) just slip'em a wee bit of your dregs and they might leave you more of your good stuff to enjoy yourself?....

just an idea... :)
*heh* nah, i actually LIKE my friends ;)
didn't mean the friends, just the moochers!
yea, i dont rlly have any of them ;) [not to be offensive, but these days i do not play w the SCA, which may be where you are coming from?]
Score a win for you for having a great group of friends. No offense taken, haven't really played there in a good many years.